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Your private label lip balm specialist

Lip Balm the way you want it

The main part of every lip balm is the formulation.
A nice packaging makes clients buy your lip balm.
A good formulation makes them buy it again.


Formulation Quality
Simply said we can make any lip balm you want us to make. Here are some ideas to start with....
We do have a wide range of standard formulations which we have split up in 3 quality groups:

High end, high quality lip balm for higher segment markets like drugstores, pharmacies, perfumeries, high end private label brands. The rich special ingredients in these formulas actively contribute to more beautiful and healthier lips.

Medium end, medium quality lip balm for private label brands, retail brands.A rock solid base to add a nice flavor or active ingredient to make your own brand stand out from the crowd. For those markets where the best mix of price and quality makes sense.

Regular lip balm for low cost brands or promotional markets. Where low cost and high volume are keywords, the regular range will score. This good classic base formula is the key to success in mass markets.


Formulation Properties
Within each quality you can still add different characteristics to the lip balm, to give it the image your brand or private label needs.

We can add any color to your lip balm, transparent or stay-on. You choose.

Fruity Flavors
Vanilla, Apple, Peach, Strawberry, Cherry, Mango, Papaya, Passion Fruit, Coconut, etc. We can add each flavor in a safe way, using only the best foodgrade ingredients.

Special Functions
Hydrating, Medical, Volumizing, SPF, Anti wrinkle, Glossy, etc. We have specialists who can turn your wildest ideas into a great lip balm.

Send us an email to find out how we can help you out with your private label lip balm project.



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